POLARITY - Shares Video Off New EP "Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio"

Toronto proggers POLARITY are offering fans a little taster in the form of a new EP entitled "Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio". The EP was recorded in collaboration with JUNO Award-winning producers Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmermann (Alexis on Fire, Protest The Hero). During the live-off-the-floor recording sessions, the band was filmed by renowned videographer Mike Filsinger (30 Seconds to Mars, Three Days Grace) who captured the intensity and finesse of the band's performance.

Polarity released two of the videos earlier this summer and is now ready to unveil the third video for the final track "Circle", the band's most technically metal / jazzy alternative song on the record.

"I honestly think there are so many different types of POLARITY fans and with these three songs, there is something for everyone. For 'Circle', this is the first song where we’ve overlaid screaming with a clean vocal, which we’re loving so you’ll be hearing more of this type of thing coming from us in the future. For the meaning of track itself, Circle is about the circle and cycle of being stuck in a relationship that you just know isn’t for you which seems to be a huge part of the human condition. So many people I know and I’ve been in the situation before, where we feel we are trapped or stuck in a broken relationship. It’s a continuous circle of fighting and then making up but still knowing and feeling confused as to why you keep running this circle that is not working ….until it’s finally broken, if it ever is….?" adds vocalist Jasmine Virginia.

"Circle" can be watched and heard below!

Polarity's fifth recorded offering will be released on August 26th and is their first new music since releasing the 2019 EP "Trilateral". Featuring three tracks recorded live off the floor, it's all-natural, pure talent being showcased from the proggy 7-minute opening epic "Destruction of Memory", to "Terra Firma", which blends a bit of their softer side with some straight-up rock riffs, to EP closer "Circle", that pushes the band to new limits from clean to scream vocals along with intricate jazzy and dissonant chords while playing interesting rhythms into hard-hitting breakdowns.

"We always want to take our listeners to different unexpected places, both powerful and vulnerable. I would say we like to surprise people and give them something unconventional that makes them really think. We’re not afraid to do things a little outside the box and sometimes that means asking people to listen a few times to a song before they really get it. We often get feedback once they do and they truly love it." says Jasmine Virginia.

POLARITY is the result of a musical friendship lasting over a decade and has grown steadily since its inception in 2008. Their goal has always been to make music that makes a positive impact, and they have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Vulnerability is encouraged, expressed, and complemented by a rhythmic sensibility that cuts through the static and connects with audiences in a meaningful way.

The band has previously released two albums and two EPs working alongside Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill on their album "Action Potential" with mastering on all their recordings done by Joao Carvalho. Polarity also has hundreds of Canadian performances under their belt where they have supported bands such as Sum 41, Kittie, The Flatliners, The Agonist, Sumo Cyco, and more.

Recommended for fans of Thrice, Flyleaf, Incubus, and Deftones, POLARITY continues to be one of the most consistent DIY bands working today in Canada.

"Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio" will be available as of August 26th on Spotify, Polaritymusic.bandcamp.com, Apple Music.

Track Listing:

1. Destruction of Memory 
2. Terra Firma 
3. Circle