PINKSHIFT - Rail Against White Supremacy & The Patriarchy In Anthemic New Single “Get Out”; Debut Album "Love Me Forever" Out October 21st

Baltimore-based trio Pinkshift - Ashrita Kumar (vocals, they/them), Paul Vallejo (guitar, he/him), Myron Houngbedji (drums, he/him) - recently announced their long-awaited debut album, "Love Me Forever", out October 21 via Hopeless Records. Following the release of the already critically acclaimed singles “nothing (in my head)” and ‘i’m not crying, you’re crying”, Pinkshift share a new track entitled “GET OUT”. A fitting single from a vehemently unapologetic punk band whose songs rail against prejudice and oppression while also examining the human condition, “GET OUT” is a snarling and anthemic track that blends metal riffs with punk vocals, and the band has dedicated to the Supreme Court recently during live shows. Watch its incredible, animated video below.

“‘GET OUT’ is an anthem to be utilized to take space where it’s not inherently given to us” explains Kumar. “It’s a blatant attack against the white supremacist and patriarchal colonizers of our bodies, homes, and ways of life, and it’s an expression of pure and unapologetic rage that stands in defense of our autonomy".

Pinkshift have been making their mark both in the U.S. and across the pond since forming in 2018, thanks to a string of critically acclaimed singles, and tours with the likes of PUP and Mannequin Pussy. They eschewed plans for medical school and chemical engineering to pursue music, deliver powerful messages, and show fellow POC artists that they can and should take up space in a predominantly white music scene, and the result is one of the most inventive bands in the punk scene today. Their forthcoming debut album, "Love Me Forever", was recorded by Will Yip (Turnstile, Mannequin Pussy, The Wonder Years, Circa Survive, Tigers Jaw) and over the course of its’ 12 blistering songs, "Love Me Forever" completely unleashes the full force and fury of the band.

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Love Me Forever Track Listing:

1. i'm not crying you're crying 
2. nothing (in my head) 
4. cherry (we're all gonna die) 
5. the kids aren't alright 
6. Trust Fall 
7. in a breath 
8. Cinderella 
10. Love Me Forever 
11. let me drown 
12. Dreamer