LANSDOWNE - Return With Brand New Single "Medicine"!

Comprised of Jon Ricci (Vocals), Shaun Lichtenstein (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Glenn Mungo (Drums), Josh Waterman (Guitar / Vocals), and Mike LaRoche (Bass), LANSDOWNE has been a force to be reckoned with since emerging into the music scene in 2006.

In their 15+ years as a band, they have achieved two billboard charting radio singles, over 100 million streams / views across platforms on their music, and have licensed songs to major brands such as iRobot, the NFL, MTV, and more. LANSDOWNE built their name the old fashioned way – on the road, having performed countless shows internationally, including a 2007 tour for the troops across Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, as well as sharing the stage with rock heavyweights such as Theory of a Deadman, Puddle of Mudd, Creed, Black Stone Cherry, Pop Evil, and more.

Between 2015 and 2017, the band took a brief hiatus to focus on family and other business ventures, but re-emerged with the hard-hitting single “Bend the Knee”, and the follow up fan favorite “Savage”, putting them back on the radar in today’s Hard Rock scene. The band released “FILTHY” in 2021, with a guarantee of more new music and major announcements on the horizon in 2022. Following a signing with Hamburg-based metal powerhouse AFM Records and the release of a lyric video for their mega hit "Burn Brighther" (with more than 11 million streams on Spotify alone) in mid-2022, today, LANSDOWNE released a brand new single, entitled "Medicine"!

With "Medicine", the Boston-based band shows tremendous musical and lyrical growth. The song is a much needed reminder that all of us need to do less whining and more listening, as LANSDOWNE comments:

"Medicine is the cure for our toxic culture of speaking first and thinking second. Medicine is a guns blazing anthem that does what so many songs have to tried and failed to do: Be critical of today’s toxic culture while also bringing us together to do something about it.

If cancel culture is the sickness, Lansdowne’s new single, Medicine, is the cure. Medicine is a no fucks given banger that somehow accomplishes the impossible: being critical while also lifting us up.

For all of the internet trolls, wokesters, and toxic voices: Shut up and listen to Medicine!"