fallfiftyfeet - Release Chaotic New EP, "Lonely If You Go", Share Music Video For “When the Water Fills Your Lungs” ft. ZOMBIESHARK!

West Virginia mathy-metalcore band fallfiftyfeet released their new EP, Lonely If You Go. Across the three songs on the EP, the band emphasizes complex rhythms with major choruses as they explore aquatic themes of undying love. Operating outside-the-box, fallfiftyfeet self-recorded guitars and vocals, while Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios (Kaonashi, Soul Blind) recorded drums (contributed by Signs of the Swarm drummer Bobby Crow) and mixed and mastered. The band has also shared a video for the track “When the Water Fills Your Lungs” featuring contributions from cybergrind act ZOMBIESHARK!.

Expanding on the story behind the track, vocalist/guitarist James Becca states:

“This song for me is about wanting to quit what you’ve been working so hard on, because you feel like you’re missing out on so much life when you’re putting 100 percent of yourself into something that doesn’t give that same energy back.”

While written at different times, the songs on Lonely If You Go form a cohesive element. Following the band’s 2021 album Twisted World Perspective, everything about the EP is larger, showcasing what to expect as the band progresses. Influences like Every Time I Die and Alexisonfire clearly show through, but the band also took inspiration from the sugary songwriting of acts like Weezer and Jimmy Eat World. Those catchy moments shine just as much as the feverish ones in the three songs across the EP, making fallfiftyfeet a complex act worth paying attention to. You can stream Lonely If You Go here now and a limited vinyl pressing is also available through Wormwood Records.

Get the EP: https://found.ee/LonelyIfYouGo

Lonely If You Go Tracklist:

1. Lonely If You Go 
2. When the Water Fills Your Lungs (feat. ZOMBIESHARK!) 
3. Meet Me Overboard