EATEN BY SHARKS - Is Proud To Present Their First Person Horror Experience “Eradication”

Canada’s Eaten By Sharks has been lying in wait to release their new album “Eradication” and the time has come for it to ascend to the surface. Album-wise, it’s a diverse combination of songs pulling from their influences in death, tech, and thrash metal. Each song has something different from the next one but it stays in line with the metal. The band comments about the record:

“We are so excited to set sail with the release of “Eradication!” The fact that it is being released and streaming have us stoked that our hard work gets the sendoff it deserves. We pull from various elements of thrash, Death-core, Traditional Death Metal, Tech-metal, and Hardcore and match that up with the horrors of the deep. Each of the songs on the EP has a different approach to our influences, however, it retains a solid instrumental and lyrical theme throughout the tracks. Conceptually, we keep things on the water and embrace the image of the fear and respect that comes from the breach of a single dorsal fin.”

“Eradication” toes the line of music and concept, metal meets shark. The album delivers seven tracks, lyrically depicting the horrors of mankind using oceanic imagery. Eaten By Sharks puts their best fin forward, pulling out all the stops to get the listener to drop anchor and experience the package as a whole. Lots of tasty treats await the discerning metal fan through their instrumental approach, as they progressively chomp through each song with razor-sharp riffs and bone-crunching rhythms.

“Eradication” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and the album artwork was done by Shindy Design. Eaten By Sharks is recommended for anyone brave enough to dive headfirst into the horror as well as fans of Gojira, Despised Icon, and Fit For An Autopsy.

Listen to the full stream below!

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Track Listing:

1. Shallow Water – 4:16 
2. Dead Weight – 3:12 
3. Kill and consume – 4:06 
4. Same Face, Different Mask – 4:26 
5. Depth Charge – 3:07 
6. Apex Predator – 3:20 
7. Megalodon – 4:55