YOURS TRULY - Share New Single "Careless Kind"; New EP "Is This What I Look Like?" Out July 15th

Armed with raw honesty and heightened sonic influences, Melbourne alternative mainstays Yours Truly return today ahead of their impending new EP "is this what i look like?", due out Friday 15 July via UNFD, bringing their most potent anthem yet via new single "Careless Kind".

An emo-tinged offering from the Melbourne quartet, "Careless Kind" takes cues from some of the Yours Truly's earlier pop punk leanings; but in place of wistful teen angst and relationship woes is a cultivated take on ongoing anxieties and facing life's grown-up hurdles, complete with plenty of bounce and simmering sonic snarls.

Of the making behind the raw yet vigorous anthem that is "Careless Kind", Yours Truly vocalist Mikaila Delgado shares: "I wrote Careless Kind after talking to a friend about my anxieties and listening to how chill they were about everything. I remember thinking, 'I wish I could be like them, see things in black and white and not overthink absolutely everything.' It tackles a lot of my health and social anxiety and how I feel like it constantly takes over my ability to be carefree because I’m always thinking ‘what if?’. Everything down to the scars on my ankles from an operation I had when I was young, which was where a lot of my self-consciousness began. It’s wishing I could reset my thoughts and remove the anxiety".

With their previous album 2020 "Self Care" scooping up an ARIA nomination for Best Hard Rock/heavy album, Yours Truly's impending new EP "is this what i look like?" once again champions honesty like its predecessor, while also embracing more recent influences for the band internally, looking to the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Bloc Party, The 1975, Head Automatica and beyond to grow their previously-established pop punk sound into more assured and eclectic waters.

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'Is this what i look like?' Tracklist:

1. Walk Over My Grave 
2. Bruises feat. DR€W ¥ORK 
3. Careless Kind 
4. is this what i look like? 
5. Hallucinate feat. Josh Franceschi 
6. If You’re Drowning (I’ll Learn How To Hold My Breath) 
7. Lights On