VOODOO BLOO - Album "The Blessed Ghost" Out Now, Drop "Pursuit" Single

Wellington rockers Voodoo Bloo have today released their sophomore 12 track album, THE BLESSED GHOST. Listen HERE.

Kill Your Stereo said that The Blessed Ghost "...has JUST the right amount of big commercial rock shine, along with the melancholy, talent and dark edge of that 'first record' from a band who is about to be critically and commercially lauded and rocketed into the atmosphere."

Heavy Mag said that "The Blessed Ghost goes through all the trials and tribulations of any great coming of age story and you can tell the band has put it all out there for the world to see..."

Muzic.net.nz's Adrian Drew said that "This release of catharsis, reflection, aggression, realisation and discovery is the heaviest material I've listened to in a long time and it's affected me deeply..."

Following on from their first album JACOBUS, THE BLESSED GHOST is shaped by the concept of a fictional love interest but with a twist.

"As the writing progressed I realised something quite odd. This fictional person was just everything that I did not like about myself, in all ways shapes and forms I’d started to write about my own demons and they were glaring at me, and that’s when I finally figured out what The Blessed Ghost was," says Rory McDonald, the band’s frontman.

"Our first album JACOBUS took a lot out of me. It felt like a moment where I’d finally passed on the torch of my friend who had left me, but I was still in the dark. After speaking with my therapist she seemed to think it was quite common for artists of any kind to feel this sort of low after finishing any major project, so instead of revelling in it, I tried to grasp on to it,"

"This album is not a story of a young adult trying to make his way through life, a breakup story or even one about loss, this was truly an adventure in self discovery, and it’s affected me in such a way that I know I’ll never be able to look at this time without pain-staking clarity because of it," says Rory.

THE BLESSED GHOST houses 12 tracks including four previously released singles, ‘Skin’, ‘Small’, ‘We're Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ and ‘Default’ and today’s release and lead single ‘Pursuit’.

‘Pursuit’ is described by Rory as "One of the most grandiose tracks we've ever recorded, I think the soundscapes that we try to take you through for the six minutes of ‘Pursuit’ is really a testament to how far we've come from the first record."

"This song represents how your dreams can turn into nightmares if you spend too long in the clouds. I’ve been told many times that when I used to play rugby I’d be more interested in the grass on the ground than the game itself. It might be an ADHD related curiosity, but I can’t blame everything on that. As I have touched on before, it is both blind and kind to be in your mind."

The boys from New Zealand will be on Aussie ground in August 2022 with Sydney legends RADICALS to form a two-prong AU/NZ tour across August, through September and up to the 1st October. The tour takes in Central Coast, 2 dates in Sydney & Wollongong on the Aussie side of the ditch and then heads over the pond to New Zealand to take in Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch.

THE BLESSED GHOST is available on all streaming platforms now at https://bfan.link/the-blessed-ghost.

Wednesday 17 August - Mumbo Jumbo's - Central Coast, AU 
Thursday 18 August - The Duke - Sydney, AU 
Friday 19 August - Vic on The Park - Sydney, AU 
Saturday 20 August - Dicey Riley's - Wollongong, AU * 
Thursday 29 September - Meow, Wellington, NZ 
Friday 30 September - The Crown Hotel, Dunedin, NZ 
Saturday 01 October - Darkroom, Christchurch, NZ

* Radicals Not Playing