TORN WITHIN - EX-SUICIDE SILENCE Members Stream Album "Archive of Sins"

Originating in 2002, Torn Within, featuring ex members of Suicide Silence (Mike Bodkins and Rick Ash), have complied their early demos in "Archive of Sins." Newly remastered and with updated album artwork, "Archive of Sins" showcases the band's metalcore beginnings. Torn Within has re-emerged with Josh Goddard on drums (ex Suicide Silence), and is preparing their debut full-length album. This marks the first time that Rick and Josh have played together since writing Suicide Silence's 2005 EP. Torn Within's new single is dropping on July 29th, 2022. Stream the full album below!


1. Heaven's Cry 
2. The Day I Watch You Burn 
3. Release Me 
4. Regret Nothing 
5. Battle 
6. The Day I Watch You Burn (SB) 
7. Wake To Find My Judgement 
8. Hero No More