THEOSIS - Stream New Album "Overture of the Damned"

American Melodic Death Metal band Theosis released their new album «Overture of the Damned». The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Tolley at "Clarity Recordings" in San Diego, CA.

Stream it below or on Spotify!


01. Overture of the Damned (05:48) 
02. Deadlights (06:19) 
03. Carrion Eyes (05:57) 
04. The Insatiably Wretched (05:16) 
05. Tyrants of Salvation (06:11) 
06. Strings of Torment (04:30) 
07. Sever the Bloodline (03:31) 
08. Architects of Sapience: Pt 1 (08:43) 
09. Interludio De Fuego (01:50) 
10. Architects of Sapience: Pt 2 (06:59)

Theosis was formed in 2012 at San Diego, California by guitarist Dana Roselli. The current line up consists of John Haskin (Vocals), Dana Roselli (Guitar), Lee Burgos (Guitar), Zac Herriot (Bass/Vocals) and Nick Mafi (Drums). The band brings a unique sound to the melodic death metal genre, with influences such as Black Dahlia Murder, Children of Bodom, and Darkest Hour.