THE MARS VOLTA - Launch The Digital Experience “L’YTOME HODORXÍ TELESTERION”, New Single “Graveyard Love” On Friday!

The Mars Volta will release another brand new single called “Graveyard Love” on Friday, July 8th. The song follows the announcement of the band’s return after a decade long hiatus and the release of “Blacklight Shine”, which was accompanied by a short film that can be seen BELOW.

“They will seek your ruin, and burn your lands, because if they can’t have you, no one can”, explains Cedric Bixler-Zavala on the story of the new song.

Last month, an audio-visual art installation was erected in Los Angeles’ Grand Park. Inside of ‘L’YTOME HODORXÍ TELESTERION’ visitors were taken on a full, immersive journey to outer space, and where “Blacklight Shine” was heard for the first time by the public. The experience inside was intended to provoke self-reflection, with the single guiding fans on a journey through endless galaxies and back down to earth, to oneself. The experience is now available online for fans to check out at this link:

Enter the website with your location settings turned on to start your Volta Cube experience: Find a crux on the map and zoom to the exact location, then visit it to unlock exclusive content and share your discovery using #voltacube

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Formed by guitarist/composer Omar Rodríguez-López and singer/lyricist Cedric Bixler-Zavala, The Mars Volta rose from the ashes of El Paso punk- rock firebrands At The Drive-In in 2001. On a mission to “honor our roots and honor our dead”, The Mars Volta made music that fused the Latin sounds Rodríguez-López was raised on with the punk and underground noise he and Bixler-Zavala had immersed themselves in for years, and the futuristic visions they were tapping into. The albums that followed were one-of-a-kind masterpieces, their songs of breath-taking complexity also possessing powerful emotional immediacy. After the group fell silent, a legion of devotees (including Kanye West) kept up an insistent drum-beat for their return.

Now – a year after ‘La Realidad De Los Sueños’, a luxurious 18-LP box-set compiling their back catalog, sold out its 5,000 print run in under 24 hours – The Mars Volta are back.