SUN EATER - Unleash New Single "Cosmic Hegemony" (Feat. CRANIAL CONTAMINATION)

French One Man Brutal Death Metal project SUN EATER has released a new single "Cosmic Hegemony" (Feat. CRANIAL CONTAMINATION), taken from the upcoming album "Vermin", out August 18, 2022 via Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt.

Clément Dellis states: "To finally release this album makes me incredibly happy and proud. It has been an adventure writing and recording "Vermin" over the course of a year. Without the outstanding performances of the guests on each song and the unmatched sound engineering mastery of Miguel Tereso (Demigod Recordings), none of this would have been possible (yes, again). I'm delighted to collaborate with Marco and Micael from Miasma Records and Vomit You Shirt once more."


1. The Harbinger 
2. Cosmic Hegemony 
3. Throne of Lies 
4. Chalice of Inverted Verses 
5. Vermin 
6. Nameless Cults 
7. Desecrate 
8. Shroud of Dreamt Sins