SUMR - Presents Debut Single "Firestarter" Feat. SIAMESE

Danish newcomer on the scene SUMR challenges the assumption that technically advanced guitar playing has to be atonal and impossible to dance to, and that pop music has to be instrumentally simplistic. SUMR’s musical universe blurs the lines between genres, with the ambition of promoting technically advanced playing in a new and modern context, akin to artists like Polyphia and Unprocessed. With the debut single 'Firestarter', SUMR delivers a genre-blurring mix of technical metal shred, pop-vocals and summer vibes created by Defecto guitarist Frederik Møller, and featuring Siamese frontman Mirza Radonjica on vocals.

“'Firestarter' is about overthinking yourself breathlessly. A constant and never-ending circle of Murphy's law that one can experience when in doubt, perpetuated by the turbulent climate of the modern world”, Siamese frontman Mirza Radonjica muses.

SUMR is headed by DEFECTO (DK) guitarist Frederik Møller, and joined by Siamese (DK) frontman Mirza Radonjica on the upcoming singles Firestarter and M.O.T.Y. Having amassed millions of streams as well as embarking on several tours and playing with both Metallica and Rammstein, Frederik has a long history with DEFECTO on the Danish metal scene. Now it is the time for SUMR to push boundaries with a new sound and expression, which has been played, recorded and produced primarily by Frederik himself and in collaboration with renowned producer Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, Ghost Iris). SUMR will be releasing a handful of singles over the coming year, culminating in a full record in 2023.

The debut single 'Firestarter' is already available on all streaming services.