SOME SAY KOSM - Stream Self-Titled EP

Blackened Deathcore outfit, SOME SAY KOSM is streaming below their new "Self-Titled" EP.

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1. Your Eyes Have Yet To Open 
2. Cleric Beast 
3. Oedipism 
4. Torment (feat. Alan Grnja from Distant) 
5. Laurence The First Vicar (feat. Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodynia) 
6. First Sin (feat. Dennis Schuler from Gutrectomy) 
7. Plague Of Yharnam 
8. A Mother's Nightmare

Some Say Kosm started as a long-distance project in 2020: Spread out across three cities and two continents, the three-piece is united by a wish to mold the heaviness, atmosphere and hopelessness of their favorite bands into something uniquely new – all without worrying about fitting into stylistic boxes. Just like the band name, a lot of Some Say Kosm’s work is inspired by and dedicated to Bloodborne, an action role-playing game set in a dark and desperate universe that perfectly mirrors the real-life misery the band sees all around them.