SOLENCE - Sign With Hopeless Records And Release A New Single Video "Rain Down"

Solence has signed to Hopeless Records and released their first single - “Rain Down” - via the label. With “Rain Down”, Solence’s talent is instantly detectable and the band brings a fresh perspective to the active rock genre. The band penned the track about the empowering feeling of re-finding your footing after falling on tough times.

The band shares: "With Rain Down we wanted to give the feeling of being reborn and hopeful after a period of darkness. It’s all about feeling good, encouraged and to bring energy to the wonderful people that’s listening!”.

SOLENCE is the musical antidote to what ails the brokenhearted and downtrodden.As they summon a soaring celebration of life-affirming positivity, the Swedish foursome’s diverse songs demonstrate the strength found in a community defined by shared passions and goals. Multi-instrumentalist melody makers bonded together at a young age in pursuit of artistic inspiration and connection, SOLENCE quickly amassed100 million streams across all platforms. Deafening, the band’s eclectic and invigorating sophomore album, is a watershed work of possibility, perseverance, and positivity. In 2020, they broke into the Active Rock Radio Top 50, as "Animal in Me” (6 million views on YouTube) became the most played track onSiriusXM’s Octane. Most recently, they signed with Hopeless Records in July 2022, catapulting themselves into the spotlight even more. There’s no singular moment for this band or, by extension, their audience. It’s all about the journey. Get ready and enjoy the SOLENCE.

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