OEDON - Share New Single Video "Crown Of Illusions"

Blackened Deathcore outfit, Oedon have released a new single and music video "Crown Of Illusions".

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Oedon is a six piece extreme metal band from Boise, Idaho that formed in 2019. Their punishing sound borrows from such styles as deathcore, black metal, slam, nu-metal, and death metal. Blend that all with tragic, yet epic, gothic inspired symphonics and you have a sound that can hardly be described with human words.

Lyrically, Oedon is heavily inspired by the dark lore of Bloodborne and other Lovecraftian tales.

Dru Hix and Jordan Combe provide vocals with no remorse and blend their non-human styles to create sounds not of this world. On guitars, you have Travis Royer and Travis Purkey who command attention with punishing riffs sure to transcend any listener to an Eldritch being. Adam “Rotface” Benavides takes a wield of bass lines that could shake this planet’s tectonic plates back into Pangea. Leading the rhythm of these sinister tones is drummer, Kevin Tillman, who’s precision could be compared to that of the world’s most elite special forces sniper. Oedon released their debut single “Flora '' in late 2019 and have continued with formidable brutality since. They have followed up this initial single with three relentless singles “Silence the Harrowing Cries”, “Graves”, and “Crown Ov Illusions”. The band is set to release their first EP by mid 2022.