COLDRAIN - Release Their New Album "Nonnegative" Today

Coldrain celebrates their 15th anniversary debut this year and release their new album "Nonnegative" today.

This album released in their memorial year has an improved sound of melodious loud rock base scale sound. This will be a new masterpiece for coldrain. Michael "Elvis" Baskette whose work includes INCUBUS, SLASH, and MAMMOTH WVH, which was nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Rock Song" in 2022 promoted this album.

"Nonnegative" contains 12 songs, including “CALLING”, which dropped on April 17, the day the band was formed, “PARADISE (Kill The Silence),” and "Bloody Power Fame", the opening theme song for the Netflix anime series “BASTARD! – Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy” which is available worldwide now.

The manga "BASTARD!!!" by Kazushi Hagiwara, has been serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) since 1988 and has sold more than 30 million copies in total. "We are honored to be able to sing for this amazing anime. We will deliver the power and the enthusiasm and most importantly the world of ‘BASTARD!’" - coldrain.

Coldrain was formed in Nagoya in 2007.Masato (Vo), who has both Japanese and American citizenship, sings English lyrics with divine melodies along with the amazing and emotional sound of twin guitars. Their high quality sound and powerful live are a must-see. After signing with Warner Music on October 2017, the band released their first full album in two years, "FATELESS," produced by Elvis Baskette. In 2019, they released their 6th album "THE SIDE EFFECTS", and the OP theme song "MAYDAY (feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake)" from the TV anime “Fire Force" which has been viewed more than 50 million times worldwide.

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"Nonnegative" Tracklisting:

1. Help Me Help You 
3. Cut Me 
4. Before I Go 
5. Bloody Power Fame 
6. Here With You 
7. Boys And Girls 
8. PARADISE (Kill The Silence) 
9. 2020 
10. Rabbit Hole 
11. Don't Speak 
12. From Today