ARROW MINDS - Watch New Video "Jiizztor" Now!

One week before the start of the tour with EVERGREEN TERRACE, it's finally time. ARROW MINDS release a new video for the song JIZZTORY. Don't miss them on tour!

If you love bands like Strike Anywhere, Avail or Architects this bandwill turn your world upside down. Their new album is a major step upfrom their last one and you can tell this band has found their musicalstride.Arrow Minds are maybe the next big thing and are ready topave their way for future glories. Their power- and meaningful songsrepresent everything a moderrn melodic metalcore band shouldstand for - fast positively aggressive tunes leading to catchy hooks;with lyrics that do not try to be empty paroles, but rather raisenecessary questions about today's absurd ideals, ideas, and issues.