THORNHILL - Stream New Album "Heroine"

Melbourne, Australia-based Progressive Rockers Thornhill is streaming below their new album "Heroine", out now via UNFD.

Driven by odes to classic Hollywood and cinematic scores, Heroine expands upon sonic elements explored on Thornhill's 2019 debut album The Dark Pool, with the group's latest track ‘Raw’ immersing into sharp alternative and rock flavours, complete with razor-sharp riffs, snarling basslines and pummeling beats.

Heroine Tracklisting:

1. The Hellfire Club 
2. Leather Wings 
3. Blue Velvet 
4. Arkangel 
5. Valentine 
6. Casanova 
7. Something Terrible Came With The Rain 
8. Hollywood 
9. Raw 
10. Varsity Hearts 
11. Heroine