SPEKTRVM - Reveal Video For New Single "Leviathan"

Greek Metal outfit, Spektrvm have revealed a music video for their new single "Leviathan", taken from the upcoming album by Spektrvm entitled 'Blood For Heaven'.

The band commented:

“What can one say about vanity. Vanity plays lurid tricks with our memory, and the truth of every passion wants some pretence to make it live. It is most often the unseen spur and everyone has as much of it as they want understanding. But in the only thing that can preserve you from it, lies the knowledge of yourself.“

The music of Greek metal group Spektrvm (pronounced ‘Spectrum’) spreads wide across chromatic, political, religious and many other themes. The group was formed at 2016, by Michael Pouliezos and George Zikas in their mid/late teens and have changed various members over time before finalizing their line-up in the fall of 2022. Spektrvm have made numerous appearances at music festivals and shows around Greece.

The general musical style of their upcoming debut album Blood For Heaven could be considered as heavy metal with influences from progressive, folk, nu, thrash and doom metal, but no one can be sure where the endless well of musical ideas and interactions within the Spektrvm cannon are going to lead.

The Blood For Heaven album will be published in 2022 in collaboration with Sliptrick Records.

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