SINK WITH ME - Unveil Video For New Single "This Isn't Home"

Metalcore outfit, Sink With Me have released a new single and music video "This Isn't Home".

It's high time to sink into Sink With Me. Getting their start in late 2020, Sink With Me is already set for success. Alongside the recent resurgence in metalcore, the Southern New Hampshire band is reminiscent of greats like Secrets, That's Outrageous!, and Famous Last Words. While fresh on the scene, Sink With Me has a polished, impactful approach that can hold the same weight as their musical brethren. The band is always gearing up for something massive, always having something exciting in the works and/or set for release.

Sink With Me enjoyed their second EP's release, "Low Spirits", in October of 2021. Culminating a year of fine-tuning their sound, the record evokes nostalgia of the early 10's whilst delivering an eminent, masterful energy. With features from Patient Sixty-Seven's Tom Kiely and Hollow Front's Tyler Tate, familiar vocalists will delight genre diehards as they match an artist bringing their vision to life. Thanks to production from Bryce Kariger from Rigerous Recording, "Low Spirits" is brimming with chunky guitars, bellowing bass drums, and center-stage vocal runs. Playlist placement is a no-brainer and any track could fit the bill - it's all killer and no filler on "Low Spirits."

Sink With Me is on the rise - even at this early point in their career, their drive and output is on par with their peers. The band started off bold with a "Blinding Lights" cover tasteful enough to open them up to new listeners and they haven't put on the brakes since. Beyond "Secrets", fans can get a strong taste of the group through the three-track single "Exist", a showcase of the growing band's talents in a hefty early offering. Sink With Me is just getting started - with a strong release schedule and a fully-realized sound, surefire stardom will accompany this budding band.