SIJJEEL - Stream New Album "Salvation Within Insanity"

Brutal Death Metal outfit, SIJJEEL is streaming below their new album "Salvation Within Insanity", out now via Comatose Music.

From the morbid purgatory that lies between the edge of sanity and the shores of madness comes the furious, brutal death metal of Sijjeel with their debut full length album ‘Salvation Within Insanity’. Featuring the combined powers of Hussain Akbar, Floor Van Kuijk (Korpse) and Lukas Kaminski (Stillbirth) this album is a hellbound tour de force of terror. On June 3rd ‘Salvation Within Insanity’ strikes with malicious domination that is both relentless and absolutely punishing. Quite simply one of the most violent death metal albums you will ever hear. Be ready for the coming of Sijjeel!SIJJEEL 


1. Isolation Behind Unrealism 
2. Inverted Contentment in Salvation 
3. The Affliction of Deteriorating Minds 
4. Mental Paralysis 
5. Climbing Into the Abyss 
6. Departing from Human Nature 
7. Indignation Overcame Me 
8. Inflection to thee Smut