SENNA - Sign To Sharptone Records And Release Debut EP "A Moment Of Quiet", New Music Video "Jade" Out Now

Leading the next wave of talented young artists ready to make their mark on the heavy music scene, SharpTone Records’ newest signing SENNA are not afraid to hit the ground running. Releasing their debut EP "A Moment of Quiet" today, alongside the band’s latest single and music video "Jade", the German newcomers deliver a compelling burst of energy and refreshingly novel perspective, perfect for showcasing the group’s unique imagination and range.

Recorded in in late 2019 through 2020 with the help of producer Manuel Renner of Überlärm Studios, the EP’s five stunning tracks are packed with SENNA’s signature dynamic hard-rock meets progressive post-hardcore style. And, although bandmates Simon Masdjedi (vocals), Tobias Stulz (guitar/vocals), Marcel Dürr (guitar), Fabian Cattarius (bass), and Leon Dorn (drums), never intended for the group – a musical outlet originally established as a studio side project – to come into its own as a fully-fledged unit, the quintet have found that their experimental attitude and limitless approach have become a key part of the band’s creative ethos.

Describing the process and mindset behind their introductory work, guitarist Marcel Dürr explains:

"'A Moment of Quiet’ is our honest attempt to write the music we always wanted, without any restrictions. Every song has its own distinct sound, but the whole EP is still a coherent piece of music nonetheless. When we first wrote the tracks, we didn’t really think about ever releasing them. Maybe that is what makes them so unique and fun to listen to".

As SENNA hints, while each individual song contributes its own distinct flavor to the overall collection, intuitive fans may also pick up on a playful concept woven artfully throughout the release. Inspired by the calming and transcendent nature of enjoying a great cup of tea, the influence of the delicious beverage can be found represented not only in the tea-themed track names and EP title, but throughout the sonic palette of the record as a whole.

Upcoming Tour Dates

June 16 – Mainz w/ Being As An Ocean & As Everything Unfolds 
June 28 – Wiesbaden w/ Dragged Under 
June 29 – Hamburg w/ Dragged Under 
June 30 – Köln w/ Dragged Under

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1. Rosehip 
2. Lavender 
3. Blue Mallow 
4. Jade 
5. Morocco Mint