RATKING - Drop Second Single "Down The Line" From 'Nervous Nature' EP out June 17

Perth's Ratking don't hold back with their tracks. With what is on the surface a fun, bouncy hardcore track, below the surface bubbles some seriously hard-hitting truths and themes that make the listener really take a second glance at their lives and actions.

The Ratking lads say of their new single Down The Line: "In a day and age where everyone only puts their greatest achievements and their latest holidays online, it’s hard to watch - it is so easy to feel like you’ve fallen behind. Not getting to that social/monetary position you placed on a pedestal is a hard pill to swallow." Hell yeah, that sucks. The track is out today at https://ffm.to/downthelinesingle.

It is the latest cut from Ratking's EP Nervous Nature - out on Friday June 17th (with vinyl to arrive later on in 2022), released via Collision Course/MGM Distribution. Digital and Physical copies can be pre-ordered/pre-saved NOW at https://ffm.to/nervousnature.

Ratking Guitarist Nic Finch says that "We got together every Friday for months to write an album and it came out way better than we expected. We wanted everyone in on every song and this record really shows our vast influences. Among those was this track, the standout "Down the Line". It sounds really upbeat but like usual with Ratking, the lyrics show what’s underneath."

The EP will be welcomed into the world with a launch show in hometown Perth on Saturday July 2nd at Badlands, alongside Late 90's, Indigo Blaze and Rat Salad. Tickets are on sale Friday June 3 8am Perth time at Eventbrite.

Nervous Nature is a culmination of all things Ratking. Sam Bassal of Ocean Grove handled production duties. The record is a reflection of themselves both lyrically and musically, focussing on self growth, anxiety, depression and self love. It's Unapologetically truthful - and pensive.

If you aren't across their epic DIY ethic and attitude to getting to work - Ratking just don't slow down. Over the years, they've Supported major bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, Stray From The Path, Counter Parts, Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, King Parrot, Deez Nuts, Body Jar, Clowns, Make Them Suffer, Jesus Piece, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and more, accumulated over 400k+ Spotify Streams, seen love on triple j across Home and Hosed + Short.Fast.Loud, they were invited to and played SxSW in Austin, Texas and Hosted a ‘Boat Show’ on a boat in the Swan River, which sold out in less than 24 hours!

Nervous Nature is out on Friday June 17 - pre-order, pre-save here. Down The Line is out now - purchase/stream it at https://ffm.to/downthelinesingle.