PROFILER - Release Their Debut Self-Titled EP And Drop New Single "Hypocrite"

Following their set on the RIP stage at this year's Download Festival, Profiler have released their debut self-titled EP into the world. To mark the occasion the band have revealed it's final track "Hypocrite". A song that exhibits their already-trademark groove whilst exploring the inherent value that nature brings to our lives.

On the new track the band comments: "'Hypocrite' the concluding song of this EP is about the importance of nature in people's lives and is a sister track to our previous release 'Identify'. A lot of people get caught up in city living and society and the need to provide can leave us out of touch with the very essence of life. The natural world is an essential part of the human experience. We are of nature and need to be reminded of our symbiotic relationship. The idea of this EP is mainly surrounded by the importance of mental health awareness. A clear message and one keyway to do this, which I believe often gets missed, is to take the courage to be alone in the natural world".

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"Profiler" EP Tracklist:

1. We Are Extinction 
2. Miserable 
3. Glitch Theory 
4. Alpha Nine 
5. Hypocrite