Motörhead's "Ace of Spades" is one of rock and roll’s most beloved and sacred anthems. Covering the bombastic ode to gamblers everywhere is a heavy crown to bear for any musician up for the task. That’s why when Psycho Waxx proposed this sacred rite, it was asked of Psycho Las Vegas’ most prestigious alumni and metal heavyweights. Rockers whose cred cannot be questioned were challenged to make this legendary piece of music sound fresh, heavy and ring true to Motörhead fans all over the world. With honoring Lemmy’s legacy always being at the forefront of Psycho Waxx’s mind, they hereby present you with the opening track off Löve Me Förever: A Tribute to Motörhead, the one and only "Ace of Spades" as performed by Phil Anselmo, Gary Holt, Nick Oliveri, Dwid Hellion, Chuck Garric, Sacha Dunable, Kelley Juett, Kyle Juett, Tom Polzine and Zach Wheeler.

Every rock and roll all-star featured on the song contributes a different offering in worship of Lemmy. Phil Anselmo’s jagged molasses vocals bounce off Dwid Hellion’s demon howls while Gary Holt’s signature shredding gives the track an extreme outlaw’s metallic edge. If you hear that desert rock vibe with a hardcore kick in it, you got Nick Oliveri to thank for that. Kelley and Kyle Juett from Mothership contribute the space rock rhythms that blast this message off through the atmosphere to deliver it straight to Lemmy. Zach Wheeler and Tom Polzine contribute Howling Giant’s crushing rock and roll to keep the track grounded close to the Earth, adding that massive, unmistakable groove. Sprinkle in Sacha Dunable’s awesome virtuosity on guitar and Chuck Garric’s legendary bass and you have a recipe for one of the greatest covers in rock and metal history.

Psycho Las Vegas is a place where gamblers go to vision-quest between wheelin’ and dealin’ and now, Psycho Waxx has provided them the soundtrack for an unforgettable looting spree. There’s not a damn thing the world can do to stop a Psycho with a plan anymore. Bombers, rockers, gamblers, Gonzos and Psychos, join us in this grand celebration of the life of Lemmy Kilmister and the music of Motörhead. Get your copy of Löve Me Förever: A Tribute to Motörhead today and let the Earth tremble so loudly that the angels in heaven and devils in hell can’t help but acknowledge and remember the spirit and vision of Lemmy Kilmister.

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