NEEDLE GREY - Release New Single Video "Executioner"

Stockholm, Sweden-based Metalcore outfit, NEEDLE GREY have released a new single and music video "Executioner".

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Needle Grey was formed during early 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden as a trio consisting of Erik Christofferson, Christoffer Andersson and Andreas Bergström. Having never met before, the got in contact through music related forums and decided to meet up in Erik’s studio with the goal of making music together. 
 Erik had previously started a solo project with 3 finished tracks, and he decided to use that material to form the trios sound. Together they produced the songs and after a few sessions they decided to move forward from a studio project and to form a band. They started looking for a fourth member, and after a few weeks of searching, they found Noah Tegidius who went in the group as the drummer. It was an instant match and they started putting everything together for their next step. The album. 
 Even if Erik had experience in production and with mixing/mastering, he felt more comfortable as just the songwriter and bassist instead of taking on the whole production ship. They wanted the best of the best, so they turned to Robert Kukla who runs Obsidian Recordings in Studio Fredman. After a week, they had finished the album, and named it after the first song they finished together, Grey. 
 It wasn’t until after they recorded the album that they found their guitarist Amon Mårsen, a classmate of Erik’s, who could put a whole new taste to the riffs Erik recorded on the album.