HURANOVA - Unveil Video For New Single "No Name"

Piacenza, Italy-based Alternative Rokc/Metal outfit, HURANOVA have released a new single and music video "No Name".

HURANOVA were born in 2017. They released their first single "Go With The Devil" in July 2018 and shortly after they recorded their debut album "Allowed To Demand Aloud", which was released in October 2019; the album contains 10 hard n' heavy oriented tracks. After promoting their first album with a short tour in the Northern Italy, they started to reimagine their sound and their compositional approach. They joined the big family of Superbia Music and they began to reinvent their image and their musical identity, both focusing on their sound and their songwriting, moving towards modern metal. Thanks to this "rebirth", they released three singles, "Need", "Loss Of Me" and "Shape", which met with good success both in Italy and abroad. They also reinterpreted a well-known hit, “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers, from an alternative metal viewpoint. Now the band is writing their second album, while doing their best to come back touring as soon as possible.