HANGING THE NIHILIST - Release New Single Video "Hunted Through Hell", Debut Album "Prophetic Blasphemy" Out!

Copenhagen, Denmark-based Deathcore outfit, HANGING THE NIHILIST have released a music video for their new single "Inevitable Dissent", taken from the debut album "Prophetic Blasphemy", out now!

Danish deathcore band HANGING THE NIHILIST are back and ready to present their debut full-length ‘Prophetic Blasphemy’ - an album filled with breakdowns and epic compositions, where each track both brutally and beautifully expresses the tale of divine ambition and hellish betrayal:

Hanging The Nihilist’s debut album Prophetic Blasphemy tells an epic story of divine ambition and hellish betrayal on a backdrop of some of Europe’s most crushing and frenzied modern deathcore. Produced by Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL) and with Jack Fahlberg (Kraanium) guesting on the lead single, the album aims to trigger mosh pits and take you on an epic musical and lyrical journey.


1. Prelude To Prophecy 
2. Enter the Procession 
3. The Inevitable Dissent 
4. The Bloodwell Scriptorium 
5. Labour of the Sacred Bodies (feat. Jack Fahlberg) 
6. The Empress's Wager 
7. Their Desired Ascension 
8. Defilement Ensued... 
9. ...To the Sound of Madness 
10. Hunted Through Hell