FRONTIÈRES - Release New Single "Regret"

Quebec-Canada-based Metalcore outfit, Frontières have released a new single "Regret"

Hailing from Quebec, Frontières is a band with a widely diverse creative approach, and a distinctive attitude that led them to experiment with various styles and genre currents. The group consists of Dominique Côté, Frédéric Stankunas, Samuel David-Bélanger, Yannick Lehoux and Joel Lord who joined forces to create a thick, cohesive tone. Each musician brings something unique to the table, and the sum of the parts, as they say, is truly interesting and spot-on, hitting the mark with a fine-tuned sound that you would expect from a much experienced band rather than from a relatively new line-up of musicians jumping onto the scene! From the aggressive edge of metalcore and post-hardcore, down to the wholesome melodies of modern heavy metal, anything goes. Their most recent studio release, First Born Blessing, is yet another taste of the band’s resourcefulness and willingness to set the bar higher with a unique sound. This release is going to appeal to fan of artists such as Spirit Box, Fit For A King , and Currents, among others! The track immediately sets the tone with a dark and ominous tone, preceding the massive guitar walls and relentless drums. There is a slightly progressive nature to the song’s arrangement, as it constantly evolves, exploring new dynamics as the track moves along. The vocals are fierce and aggressive, effortlessly cutting through the instrument without competing for space in the mix. Ultimately, “First Born Blessing” is a perfect example of how the band set out to stay true to the roots of the genre, while also exploring new musical horizons and bringing some innovation to the modern metal scene. If this song is any indication, we are definitely in for a very interesting time for this band, and we can’t wait to hear more.