ADAM BJÖRK - Release Drum Cover Of AFTER THE BURIAL's "Exit, Exist"

Amazingly talented Swedish drummer Adam Björk, also drummer of Allt, has released a new drum cover video of AFTER THE BURIAL's "Exit, Exist". An absolute joy to watch as always!

He commented:

"Not only has it been a while since I dropped a cover, but making a ATB cover wasn't yesterday! While browsing around Youtube (as we all do sometimes) I realised that there wasn't a cover of this track, I gave it a listen and had some hard time understanding what was going on.. During the practise sessions I actually almost gave up on learning it, but I hate to give up so I kept practising it and got to a point were I found the flow and recorded it. While being in that flow I had so much fun playing it and I had a blast recording it. Hope you guys enjoys it!"