XANVALA - Goes Djent With Single Video “Que Sera Sera”

Japanese alt-rock band XANVALA released the digital single "Que Sera Sera", an abrasive dark song that dropped on music platforms on May 6, 2022.

Since the band’s formation in 2020, XANVALA has been constantly delivering solid music incorporating different styles into a catchy rock foundation. After the release of their first full album "Tsuki to Taiyou" in February, XANVALA returns with “Que Sera Sera”. The intense track features a deep and highly distorted sound that plunges the listener into the realm of fatalism.

The band comments, “Our fans are avidly waiting for new music, so it was hard to determine what genre they want to listen to now. Their taste also differs depending on the generation. We are incredibly happy with the response that we have received from all over the world so far. “Que Sera Sera” is a song with an aggressive intro chock-full of djent. The tunning is lowered two tones from A# to F#. It’s heavy as hell. The piano melody helps to convey a story with a strong message in such a short song. We want to leave people craving for more. We are making music that our fans want to hear and bringing out the charm of XANVALA while embracing a wide range of genres. Please look forward to our next release.”

XANVALA are currently touring all across Japan, expecting to delight fans and first-comers in 20 different cities with their high-energy concerts. They have also set their eyes on performing overseas in the future to spread the uniqueness of J-rock and Visual Kei scene in other countries.

Listen to “Que Sera Sera” on digital platforms: https://lnk.to/gBZ8aE