THE VILLA - Blend Explosive Modern Rock and Post-Hardcore On New Single “Bad For Me”

Today, Atlanta, GA-based band The Villa return with the release of their explosive new single “Bad For Me”. The song serves as the first track from their upcoming EP, Savior Self, set for release on July 22nd via Velocity Records. On “Bad For Me”, the band blends active rock, pop, and moments of post-hardcore to create an enticingly catchy song. Lyrically, the track centers around breaking addictive feelings and bad habits. The video for “Bad For Me” finds the band performing in a cave, highlighting the dark undertones of the track.

Speaking on creating the song, vocalist Michale Bohn states: “The song ‘Bad For Me’ was actually the first song we ended up writing and recording with Kile Odell and Zach Williams. I feel like it’s sort of a rare thing when a band ends up using the first song they record in the studio as the first single. I remember finishing it up and immediately thinking that we really had something special and strong. We had finally found/dialed in our sound with ‘Bad For Me.’”

Bursting onto the scene in 2020 with singles “Turning Point” and “Ritual Abuse”, Savior Self marks The Villa’s first extended release. It finds the band - Michael Bohn (vocals), Kevin Hanson (guitar), Alex Asch (guitar), Jeremy Crowe (bass), and Chris Lent (drums) - at their most expressive, pushing boundaries both musically and lyrically. The EP heavily explores Bohn’s personal battle with religion, reflecting on the influence the church had on him as a youth and where his beliefs lie now. The music is just as expressive, from vibey guitars and drums to instances of heavy breakdowns. If listeners take away one thing from the record, the band wants to make sure it’s not to be scared of challenging their beliefs or to ask questions. “It’s okay to challenge what was instilled in you and what you’ve been taught.”

Savior Self is available for pre-order now through Velocity Records.

Savior Self Tracklist:

1. Bad For Me 
2. Collision Course 
3. All In 
4. Let You Down 
5. Savior Self