On May 1st we had the pleasure to attend one of the dates of the sold-out Hypa Hypa tour of electro metalcore German sensation Electric Callboy. With them, there were also two Finnish bands, well-known Eurovision contestants Blind Channel and high entertaining One Morning Left.

It was a mind-blowing party from the first tune to the last one and all of the bands pulled a really intense show and the crowd was more than happy at the end when leaving the venue!

First, we danced with the highly entertaining One Morning Left and they showed us how to move like Micheal Jackosn with "Beat It" among others. Guitarist and clean vocalist Leevi Luoto is one of a hell performer and he will get your eyes peeled on the stage the whole time!

Next where Eurovision sensation, Blind Channel!  They opened the show with the single "Balboa". They remind us that "We Are No Saints", delivered an Eminem cover "Lose Yourself", then played with "Snake" after that they "Timebomb" us, and gave us some "Bad Idea" and reminded us of Anastacia's cover that she was "Left Outside Alone" before the grand final "Dark Side".

This band totally deserves the success that happened after the Eurovision song contest and lends them a record deal with one of the major metal labels out there Century Media Records. The two frontmens are delivering with practically all band members really involved on the stage so we could witness high energy performance.

Electric Callbooooy, ladies and gentlemen! That the hype is real for this band we could see it and especially heard it from the start. Chants of the crowd imitating We Got The Moves and Hypa Hypa were constantly on the menu for the whole night! Even in the middle of the set of the first band! The air was already electrified!

Kevin Ratajczak, one of the two vocalists, the one with growls if you don't know, was missing due to illness.
They opened with "Pump It" and we were already gasping for some air. Let's put it this way! If you are a paraplegic your body will start to move like it or not, it's that simple! This band has such an energy that will lift you up to the roof and smash you up against the floor with such force as Tomawahk misle!

Next were "My Own Summer", "Hate/Love", "The Scene" and so on to the romantically acoustic edition of "Prism". Phones were in the air imitating candles and finally, there was some time to take a break from dancing moves or it was just an illusion?! It was because we were launched into space with "Spaceman" then went to "Rehab" and concluded with "Mc Thunder 2". The end! Yeah, right!

Bang! The encore started with "We Got The Moves" and we were already in the air back again. The venue was bursting with high energy and was already time to return to first "Mc Thunder" and for the closing of course "Hypa Hypa".

What a night! What beautiful memories the crowd has taken home for the rest of their lives! Hope to revive this soon!