OUTSHINE - Stream New Album "The Awakening"

Out Now! Swedish Goth Rock/Metal band Outshine unleash their fifth full-length "The Awakening" available as of May 13th via Rockshots Records. The album follows their four previous LPs since forming in 2007. With a vision of darkness and melancholy in a visual landscape, their new album is all about what has happened in the world during pandemic times. You can stream the full album below!

"This Covid-19 era has taken a toll on the music world and showed that in troubling times the ones in power, the elites, don´t care about the common person. The lies, corruption, hidden agendas, and the rise of fascist behaviour from both unknown and known "leaders" that expands anything we´ve seen in decades are influencing and misleading people around the world making them turn on each other. A depraved glorification of the elite that hasn´t the common human being in mind has risen. The pandemic has clearly shown who gains and who doesn't. The poor and middle-class are getting poorer, the rich insanely rich and the politicians folding to comply to not be targeted." says band founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jimmy Boman.

"The Awakening" features eight dark, melancholy, film noir-ish, heavy, and gloomy tracks with more of a Sisters Of Mercy, Paradise Lost & Type O Negative feel to it with influences from 1980's horror movies soundscapes.

"The Awakening" is available at the following links:

Digital: https://bfan.link/the-awakening-4 

Track Listing:

1. It´s All Lies - 7:03 
2. Our Misery - 4:47 
3. Love Is Dead - 4:16 
4. Swe Hates Me - 4:15 
5. No More Reasons - 3:39 
6. Darkness Within (Agony) - 4:26 
7. I Was The One - 4:37 
8. We Know Who You Are - 7:55