HANGING THE NIHILIST - Release New Single Video "Inevitable Dissent"

Copenhagen, Denmark-based Deathcore outfit, HANGING THE NIHILIST have released a music video for their new single "Inevitable Dissent", taken from the upcoming debut album "Prophetic Blasphemy".

Danish deathcore band HANGING THE NIHILIST are back and ready to present their debut full-length ‘Prophetic Blasphemy’ - an album filled with breakdowns and epic compositions, where each track both brutally and beautifully expresses the tale of divine ambition and hellish betrayal:

”The 3rd single from our upcoming album Prophetic Blasphemy is told from the view of the empress who is betrayed and imprisoned by her newfound nemesis and old friend. The violence of the music mirrors her turbulent state of mind, flailing between gloomy uncertainty and, in the end, furious determination."