DRAG ME OUT (ex-Asking Alexandria) - Stream New Single "Crystal Arms" and Announce New Album Release Date

Eastern European emotional Metalcore quartet Drag Me Out, featuring Ukrainian frontman and former vocalist of Make Me Famous and Asking Alexandria, Denis Stoff, have returned with new single 'Crystal Arms'. Rescheduled due to the war in Ukraine, the band have also announced a new release date for their album Demons Away on 26th August, via their own label imprint Lödereih Music.

Watch the video to 'Crystal 'Arms' below!

Stream / pre-order here: https://dragmeout.lnk.to/CrystalArms

Stoff comments on the single: "'Crystal Arms' is about fighting your biggest enemy and this time it was something that resided inside of me for years. It wouldn't let me breathe, sleep, feel, live, love. This song was an ultimate cure for the itch that swallowed me. Sometimes all sorts of sh*t like depression and anxiety just finds you and start haunting you, and you just need to find your way out. I found mine through this song. I hope it will help more people who are currently suffocation under their own skin."

The new single follows 'Bullets In My Teeth', watch the video here: https://youtu.be/7j7xVIy35jg

The upcoming album Demons Away is part one of a three-part concept album and continues from where their previous release Pressure left off. 12 new songs filled with huge chunky riffs and punchy rhythms, tight grooves with soaring melodies and infectious hooks, this is a record guaranteed to start a mosh pit on the dance floor or in your living room.

Stoff on the new album Demons Away: “It is soaked in the paranormal vibes. Your spiritual journey begins here and now. Our main purpose is to shed the light on the things that really make you feel bad, anxious, weak or wrong. It is our call for you to face the pain and explore it at its energetic core as the truth lies deeper than it might seem. My demons truly showed me that they are in fact always standing somewhere in between my perception of life and the ultimate truth about our world.”


01. Crystal Arms 
02. With A Thunder We Rise 
03. Blind & Blurred 
04. Bullets In My Teeth 
05. Cuz It‘s Meant To Be 
06. I Swear I‘m Not OK 
07. Hymn For The Wicked 
08. Let Me In 
09. My Mistakes 
10. No Feelings 
11. The Watch Of The Buried 
12. Save My Life