BILLY HOWERDEL (A PERFECT CIRCLE) - Releases “Free And Weightless”; Debut Album “What Normal Was” Arrives June 10th

Billy Howerdel, the A Perfect Circle co-founder/multi-instrumentalist who recently announced the June 10th arrival of his solo debut album, "What Normal Was" (Alchemy Recordings/Rise Records/BMG), has released a second single from the forthcoming collection, sharing the song "Free and Weightless" this morning.

"'Free and Weightless' stood on its own as an instrumental demo for a year before I cracked the code on the vocals”, explains Howerdel. “It was built out of a rolling collage of loops, which isn't something I would normally do. Thematically, everything on this record is pointed at personal relationships. The songs are a combination of a few conversations happening in a split-screen point-of-view. No one story is ever completely singular. It’s like patchwork”.

The self-produced, 10 song album is one of 2022’s most highly-anticipated rock records, with Revolver including the collection in their annual anticipated album rundown. In the days following the release of “Poison Flowers”, Guitar World described the early preview as “treading a line between Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails” while Loudwire said Howerdel “paints a haunting visual with a dark palette” and Consequence said “trip hop and electronic influences peer through… beneath ethereal guitar passages”.


“What Normal Was” Tracklist:

1. Selfish Heart 
2. Free And Weightless 
3. Ani 
4. Beautiful Mistake 
5. The Same Again 
6. Poison Flowers 
7. Follower 
8. Bring Honor Back Home
 9. EXP 
10. Stars