WINDRUNNER - Release NewFull-length Album 'TAN'

Vietnamese progressive metalcore act WINDRUNNER are finally introducing to the world the release of their new full-length record 'Tan', which is now out worldwide through Famined Records. With a futuristic post-apocalyptic theme, 'Tan' touches on human conflicts, battles against oneself and family displacement. The tracks are named after different color shades, suggesting their moods and vibe.

Experience the unique "melodic groove" that Hanoi-based Windrunner showcase through 'Tan', available on various music streaming platforms. 'Tan' official merchandise can also be purchased here:

'TAN' Track Listing:

01. Tan 
02. Lavender 
03. Raven 
04. Sardonyx (ft. Tobias Rische) 
05. Bleu 
06. Ivory 
07. Scarlette (ft. Tom Byrne) 
08. Mahogany (ft. Sota) 
09. Charcoal 
10. Cyan