VOID OF VISION - Share New Single "Into The Dark", Announce New EP "CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN" Out April 29th

A visionary collective of potent light and shade, Melbourne's Void Of Vision have cleared thedarkness and are set to usher in a tantalising new chapter intheir bustling journey, announcing today a brand new upcoming EP "CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN" which will release on Friday 29 April on UNFD.

Following on from the group's 2021 EP "CHRONICLES I: LUST", this impending new Void Of Vision endeavour draws its ethereal namesake from the group's new creative direction and sense of purpose; a sonic exhibition of finding heaven on earth laden with cinematic and ambitious flair alongside Void Of Vision's blossoming razor-sharp trademark wiles. .

Continuing on from the pathway set out by "LUST" last year, "HEAVEN" embraces personal growth and experimentation in true Void Of Vision fashion; tones of melancholy and introspection still protrude throughout the new release, but are also anchored by some of the first love songs VOV have ever created. Gone is the idolisation of misery and pain, and instead a permeating mantra for rising and rallying when all hope seems lost threads throughout, with striking musicality and accompanying sets of visuals and characters at every turn to match "LUST" 's overarching message and musical moments. .

Celebrating boundless vigour and expression alongside Void Of Vision's established heavy carnage, the upcoming EP will also play host to vocalist Jack Bergin's first ever clean singing performances, as well as additional treat in the form of an appearance from Creeper's Hannah Greenwood. .

To mark the announcement of this upcoming new release, Void Of Vision have also today shared an opulent new single "INTO THE DARK", which was co-written and co-produced by Dan Searle, aka the prolific drummer for UK metalcore icons Architects. A cataclysmic triumph of sharp riffs, electronic hues and elegant grooves, "INTO THE DARK" luctuates between grandiose calm and seething brutality, fused ever-so-effortlessly by vocalist Jack Bergin as he flexes between chaos and calm. .

Vocalist Jack Bergin discussed the crucial backstory behind the brand new Void Of Vision single and its place on the upcoming EP, saying: "It’s an extremely odd feeling to describe, hearing the first few notes of your to-be magnum opus for the first time before it’s even finished. Creating this song, from go to woe, was one of the most rewarding moments of our band’s career and now presents as a crucial landmark in Void Of Vision’s timeline.‘Into The Dark’ smashed down any pre-conceived barrier of innocence or naivety that we may have ever showed prior and propelled us into a brand new creative world where we feel more at home than ever before". .

An increasing fixture on the Australian heavy music scene, Void Of Vision have spent nearly a decade sharpening their metal claws, presenting many of life's darker moments as anthems of clarity, authenticity and hard-hitting sonic barbarity. Recently, fans and the industry copped a glance at the new creative direction for the band with their recent single "DOMINATRIX"; an infectious dark-pop jaunt fused with hooky metalcore flair.