VIRGINS BLOOD OF CACHTICE - Share New Single "Стрелы Батыя" Feat. Gudba Vadzana

Russian Blackened Deathcore/Death Metal band Virgins Blood of Cachtice together with Russian Folktronica band "Gudba Vadzana" released their new single «Стрелы Батыя». The single was recorded in "CDM Records" and mixed/mastered by Sergei "Lazar" (Arkona), and it's telling the story of the famous fight happened in the spring of 1238, when its twelve-year-old prince Vasily, son of Titus, had to defend the town Kozelsk against the Mongolian army of Batu Khan.

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Virgins Blood of Cachtice was formed in 2009 in Protvino, Russia by Oleg (Vocals) and Anton "Behemoth" (Guitars). The band's debut album "Sektor: Accelerating Storage Complex'' was released in 2015 on the Russian label FONO RECORDS, and these days the band work on their new music.