THIS ENDING - Share New Lyric Video!

June 11th 2021 saw THIS ENDING returning with a true melodic death metal masterpiece called “Needles of Rust”. Nine songs of apocalyptic, brutal yet catchy melodic death metal back to the roots of what was done earlier in A CANOROUS QUINTET. From said album, the band has now released a brand new lyric video for the track "Hell to Hell".

The band comments:

"We are launching a new lyric video for the track 'Hell To Hell' from our latest album 'Needles Of Rust'. While the good news is the CD is running low in stock. The bad news is that our vinyl release got yet another blow to the head and got pushed forward to June late. This is devastating but sadly out of our hands. However, in light of the tragic events, we decided to let out this beautiful video made by the amazingly talented Tamara of Aimed & Framed."

“Needles of Rust” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Wing Studios by Sverker Widgren. To give the album cover the necessary atmosphere Björn Gooßes of Killustrations was hired once again (as on the previous album “Garden of Death”) to take care of the artwork and layout. The album is out now on Black Lion Records.