RATKING - Announce 'Nervous Nature' EP June 17 and Drop First Single 'Panic Station'

No, it's NOT the C-Tier Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain - it's the EXCELLENT Perth punk/hardcore outfit RATKING! Today, they are bursting out of their Perth isolation guidelines to announce their EP 'Nervous Nature'!

It will be out on Friday June 17th (with vinyl to arrive later on in 2022), released via Collision Course/MGM Distribution. Digital and Physical copies can be pre-ordered/pre-saved NOW at https://ffm.to/nervousnature.

Single Panic Station premiered on triple j's Short. Fast. Loud. with Josh Merriel on Wednesday night - and can be purchased/streamed now at https://ffm.to/panicstation.

Vocalist AJ Teo said that Panic Station is "A back and forth between your mental state. Do you deal with your anxiety and mental health or let it fester? Some days you can handle it and some days it wraps its dark tendrils around your throat. Means you are always anxious, always panicking."

New EP Nervous Nature is a culmination of all things Ratking, with production duties handled by Sam Bassal of Ocean Grove, the record is a reflection of themselves both lyrically and musically. Focussing on self growth, anxiety, depression and self love. Unapologetically truthful and pensive.

From the most isolated city in the world, even more so after many months of hard borders, Ratking have locked themselves down and emerged with Nervous Nature, one of the hardest hitting records they have ever made.

Following the release of All Bite in 2020 to multiple sold out shows, including shows on a literal boat coasting along the Swan River, Ratking was able to pull away from the touring schedule and instead set their minds on creating a record that harnesses their ferocious style whilst allowing a foiree into the pop side of hardcore and punk.

Ratking just don't slow down. Over the years, they've Supported major bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, Stray From The Path, Counter Parts, Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, King Parrot, Deez Nuts, Body Jar, Clowns, Make Them Suffer, Jesus Piece, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and more, accumulated over 400k+ Spotify Streams, seen love on triple j across Home and Hosed + Short.Fast.Loud, they were invited to and played SxSW in Austin, Texas and Hosted a ‘Boat Show’ on a boat in the Swan River, which sold out in less than 24 hours!

After living in the high walled state of WA for the last 2 years, Ratking are primed and ready to enact their new EP Nervous Nature unto the world and 2022 will be the year where Ratking are able to do just that - rack up the frequent flyer miles and show everyone just what they have been up to all this time.

Nervous Nature is out on Friday June 17 - pre-order, pre-save here. Panic Station is out now - purchase/stream it at https://ffm.to/panicstation.