PROFILER - Announce Debut Self-Titled EP And Release First Single 'Miserable'

Profiler have announced details of their debut self-titled EP, which is set for release on the 24th June, and have released the first single "Miserable".

Vocalist and guitarist Mike Evans comments on the new single: "Miserable is a song about personal struggles surrounding social anxiety. It is aimed at people who may struggle with finding social situations difficult to manage. Its main theme is around the understanding that all people are one. We need to be nurturing to those who have difficulties that we may not see on the surface. We can all want to escape the negative landscape of the human mind and one way to achieve this is through letting those around you know how you feel. People can find this very hard, but it is extremely important for growth".

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"Profiler" EP Tracklist:

1. We Are Extinction 
2. Miserable 
3. Glitch Theory 
4. Alpha Nine 
5. Hypocrite