PHANTOM BAY - About To Release Debut Album On Krod Records

After releasing several singles since the end of 2021, German hardcore band Phantom Bay unveils their self-titled debut album on Krod Records.

Bremen-based band Phantom Bay pairs hardcore punk with melodic hooks. Formed in spring 2020 by Michael Hanser (vocals, guitar), Laurin Rutgers (bass), and Yannic Arens (drums), the band is set to release their debut self-titled LP in early 2022 via Krod Records. Members of Phantom Bay were previously active in New Native, the Deadnotes, and Casually Dressed.

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1 Intro 00:39 
2 Trembling World 02:32 
3 Deep End 02:22 
4 No One Likes 01:56 
5 Fleeting Feeling 02:15 
6 Nachteinbruch 02:45 
7 Separate Ways 01:58 
8 Quit Playing the Blues 01:44 
9 Hard to Believe 01:56 
10 Another Model 02:54 
11 Terminal Condition