OUTER WORLDS - Release New Single Video "Occam's Razor"

Melbourne, AU-based Metalcore outfit, Outer Worlds have released a new single and music video "Occam's Razor".

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Outer Worlds take melody and technical skills to create tracks which show both heaviness and emotion can coexist. Inspired by the metal of the early 2000s such as Killswitch Engage, they aim for the same connection with their audiences as they felt at the gigs of their favourite bands. From funk to alt rock to growled vocals and high notes, Outer Worlds aim to step outside the typical conventions of their genre with real, hard hitting Metalcore which recreates their early inspirations. Australia-based, their work comes from years of individual experience combined into a mutual value set with regards to the impact of their music. Beyond typical metal conventions and with a love for challenging their own preconceptions of music, Outer Worlds hit hard- sonically and emotionally.