NOY MY GRAVE - Reveal Video For New Single "Devil May Care" (feat. Sharks in Your Mouth)

Italian Progressive Metalcore Not My Grave have released a new single and music video "Devil May Care" (feat. Sharks in Your Mouth)

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Not My Grave is an Italian Fresh Metalcore band influenced by Alternative Metal and its subgenres. The core idea behind the formation of the band is to create a strong and professional bond among the members by pursuing an original stylistic and artistic path. The sound and the music are deeply connected to the topics faced and this allow the meaning of each song to be constantly perceived through the variations of the notes that shift from soothing melodies to aggressive patterns. True to these statements, in February 2021, the band announces the release of “Naked” as their first full record which already achieved some success and a lot of positive feedback from their constantly growing audience. The first and most solid presentation of NMG comes with the official video for “Thousand Ghosts”, a track released in the late 2020 which has been followed by “Fault”, both of these official videos can be found on Youtube. The choice of these two songs as the firsts to be released with an official video is to underline how strong is the influence of Mathcore as a pillar of their musical style, as well as Progressive Metal is more emphasized in tracks like “What’s Wrong” and influences of Djent can be found all over the album. In the spring of 2021 the official video of the song "Grey" was released and only after a short time the cover of Machine Gun Kelly "Forget Me Too".