MARKED AS AN ENEMY - Release New Music Video For "Any Life In Me"

A Metalcore four-piece Marked As An Enemy from Czechia released their third single and music video called ‘Any Life In Me’ off their upcoming full-length record.

“We have been working on a full-length since last year and we’re very excited to bring you Any Life In Me. It is a straight-up metalcore one and we love the vibe that ‘ALIM’ brings.” 

“This one is very important to me, especially in times like these, when many of us have a hard time finding our solid ground, finding our peace in the world. It’s all that certain insecurity about human toxicity. Especially the abuse of an individual’s good intentions that is being twisted and used for no good in the world AND on our mental health. Because of that I believe there are plenty of us, who struggle through these same, constant self- destructive thoughts. And it is up to us to stand against these oppressions and not let us to be “fed on our lack of bravery”. We’re all stronger than we think we are, even though we don’t feel like it. And I am absolutely fortunate to see not only myself but also my surroundings grow brave on this.” says the vocalist Radek.

MAAE has been working on their debut full-length with Damian Kucera of Skywalker and plans to release the album in the autumn of 2022. “Damian is a fucking genius. It’s always such fun to be working with him. The innovation he brings into making music is beyond us and it helps us move forward not only as a band but as individuals as well. Not to mention the amount of coffee we are able to drink every time we spend time in the studio.” bassist Francesco adds.

The music video was directed by the band alongside Tom Tejkl who shot and edited the whole thing.

Drummer Petr says: “The cooperation with Tom is always smooth and very fun. He’s full of great ideas that he implemented into the video. It is always a pleasure.” 

Right now MAAE has already nine recorded songs prepared for the album plus a bunch of demos ready for the studio.

Definitely a band worth checking on!