GLOOMLIGHT - Presnet Debut Single "DØWN ØUT"

A two-piece Modern Metal/Metalcore band, Gloomlight have released their debut single "DØWN ØUT".

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Gloomlight is a newly formed band with a focus on creating original music that blends a wide variety of influences. From the experimental edge of math to the raw edge of post-hardcore, the band is open to a wide variety of styles, and their sound has a more organic and spontaneous flow because of it. At the same time, Gloomlight is also about melody, so they aren’t afraid to unapologetically combine catchy hooks with the hardest-hitting tones. The line-up currently consists of Topher Kinsey (guitar, production) and Tobias Smith (vocals). The two are creative powerhouse, and they are always willing to experiment and stretch the music as far as their imagination would take it. With only two main members in the fold, the band is definitely less restrained by the average band format, and more prone to expand their sonic vocabulary into something more unique and expandable