EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT - Return With Merciless New Single "Agony Incarnate" & Macabre Mini-Movie Video

Belarus-based Slamming Brutal Death Metal titans, Extermination Dismemberment, return with their heart-stopping new single / movie-esque video 'Agony Incarnate', streaming now via Unique Leader Records.

Watch the macabre movie to 'Agony Incarnate' here below!
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Forcing their way from the underground mire to the front of the modern Death Metal pack, Extermination Dismemberment continue with their evolution. Unmasking their latest offering, ‘Agony Incarnate’ sees the band exploring their own boundaries of extremity whilst defining a marker for unrestrained, monstrously-heavy devastation. Their new sound, ushered in by way of sinister movie introduction, which was filmed by one of the top Belarusian directors Alexander Strievich and directed by him and the band, displays breathless levels of ferocity. And it's mercilessly addictive.

On the new single/video, the band comment:

"Agony, prayers and hell. More than four minutes of crushing destruction. Five acts depicting the torment of the soul and pain of the flesh. 'Agony Incarnate' takes us to the brink of death and with every minute passing, deeper into the underworld.

"Surrounded by fire and the groans of anguished martyrs, who are no longer destined to find peace. We set ourselves the goal of creating a dark atmosphere of inevitable suffering, both during life and after death.

"This is Extermination Dismemberment's first song that is not in the Slamming style and without guttural vocals. The composition ends with a scene in the last remaining church, right in the midst of the apocalypse, where the desperate cries for salvation fall upon deaf ears of God who cannot and will not help them."

Formed in October 2009 by guitarist Arseniy Kovalchuk and the band's initial vocalist Valeriy Kozhemyako, Extermination Dismemberment gained popularity from their debut album Butcher Basement (2010) which was released by Ukrainian label Imbecil Entertainment Records. Their second album Serial Urbicide (2013) was dropped upon the world by Japanese label Amputated Vein Records to worldwide critical acclaim and is still regarded as one of the top albums of its genre. In May 2018 the band went on to release a crushing video/single 'Omnivore', which left people shocked with its absurd heaviness and to date has gathered over one million views on Youtube. In November 2021 Extermination Dismemberment signed to Unique Leader Records, releasing 'Protonemesis', a video/single which was an instant hit, racking up more than 367,000 views on Youtube in five months.

Now with the power of their new label home Unique Leader behind them, 2022 is shaping up to be a formidable year for Extermination Dismemberment. There's nothing left to stand in their way as the next full-length album slowly and ominously approaches on the horizon. Prepare yourselves if you can.