DVNE - Announces European Live Dates!

UK's progressive post-metal outfit DVNE released their seminal second album, Etemen Ænka, which was hailed by fans and press alike around the globe, including "contender for the best metal release of 2021" by Germany's Fuze magazine. Despite the global pandemic, DVNE managed to play two successful European tours and are now announcing more European dates!

DVNE On Tour 2022

01.05. London, Desertfest (Roundhouse) 
25.05. Karlsruhe, Dudefest 
27.05. Berlin, Desertfest 
28.05. Jena, Kuba Open Air 
29.05. Krakow, Zascianek* 
30.05. Vienna, Arena* 
01.06. Dusseldorf, Pitcher 
02.06. Bielefeld, Forum* 
03.06. Rotterdam, Grounds* 
06.06. Amsterdam, Melkweg* 
07.06. Dortmund, Junkyard 
08.06. Hamburg, Knust* 
09.06. Dresden, Beatpol* 
10.06. Munich, Sounds of Liberation Fest 
11.06. Kassel, Goldgrube* (*w/ Villagers of Ioannia City)

Tour w/ High on Fire 

22.06. Nottingham, Rescue Rooms 
23.06. Leeds, Brudenell 
24.06. London, The Garage 
25.06. Brighton, Chalk 
26.06. Bristol, The Fleece

DVNE are a band of great contrasts, weaving titanic heaviness and intricate gentleness together, complex lyrical ideas with engaging storylines, and this has only been expanded upon and concentrated on second album Etemen Ænka. "It is a very dense and layered album which will reward multiple listens, and while this is becoming a recurring aspect of our music, we feel that we went further with it this time. It's also a very polarising album, emotionally speaking. The heavy sections are, well, very heavy, while the clean sections are much more intricate and delicate," explains the band. Their name is a reference to the timeless sci-fi epic Dune by Frank Herbert, this is very much a genre that they happily inhabit, and is once again reflected in the lyrical content of the record. While wanting to create a universe of their own, they also cover more serious topics related to the society we live in, and while Asheran was very much focused on their relation to their surroundings and the environment, Etemen Ænka focuses much more on social issues and more specifically on inequalities and the human relationship with power.

Purchase / Stream Etemen Ænka: songs-of-arrakis.bandcamp.com